About San Jose del Cabo

Experience “Old Mexico” as you roam San Jose’s quaint cobblestone streets, dine at authentic family-owned restaurants, and purchase stunning one-of-a-kind pieces of jewelry. Around every corner discover a piece of Baja’s past in the form of beautiful 18th century Spanish architecture. A true departure from sister-city Cabo San Lucas, San Jose is a quiet escape and a chance to discover the culture of Los Cabos.


San Jose’s unique natural resources, close proximity to the ocean and abundant fresh water sources, made it a San Jose del Cabostopping point for explorers, including Sir Francies Drake, in pre-colonial days. It remained a travel outpost until, even after, San Jose del Cabo was formally founded as a Jesuit mission in 1730.  

Standing tall as the center of the historic district is the San Jose del Cabo Church, or Iglesia San Jose. While the Iglesia San Jose was founded in 1734, it wasn’t moved to today’s location until 1840. It stood there as a pillar of the community until 1918 when the region was devastated by a hurricane. It took over 20 DSC08045years for the church to be fully rebuilt. Today, the historic church is open to the public and continues to hold daily masses. Take a moment to enter the church to view the historic mosaic depicting the killing of the mission’s founder, Friar Tamaral. From the church, head down the steps into the adjacent Plaza Mijares, stroll past the city’s beautiful murals, and become acquainted with the authentic Mexican experience.

Today, San Jose remains the artistic, cultural and historic hub of Los Cabos. It is the work of the Centro Historico Association to preserve the roots of Baja to share with visitors and locals alike.



For centuries, San Jose del Cabo has been a meeting point for artists from around the Baja region. From jewelry, to paintings, to pottery, San Joe del Cabo is the place to pick up authentic, quality works of art. Behind the Iglesia San Jose is an area known as the Gallery District. Every corner seemingly delivers another art gallery or shop. The art of Los Cabos is also put on beautiful display every Thursday from November to June at the Art Walk. The San Jose del Cabo Art Walk is an enriching event that brings together artists, local business owners, visitors and locals. Meet and engage with the artists as you learn more about the area’s cultural background and search for the perfect memento of your time in Mexico. The Art Walk runs from 5 – 9 p.m.


In Mexico, life is centered around family and food. Bring your family and friends to enjoy the incredibleDSC08038 restaurants located all around San Jose del Cabo. Local chefs are masterfully combining the most traditional of Baja dishes with new techniques. The results are simply amazing. As you wander San Jose, you’ll notice something is missing. Chain and fast food restaurants are nowhere to be found. Instead, you’ll find exquisite restaurants built into 18th century homes, locally owned cafes with a focus on simple and good cooking, and tiny shops selling delicious treats to go. Dining options in San Jose are as delicious as they are plentiful.

Location and Geography

DSC07848San Jose del Cabo is located approximately 20 miles east of Cabo San Lucas along Highway 1. Separating the two capes is the Tourist Corridor, a stunning stretch of sand that is home to Santa Maria Beach, Chileno Bay, Palmilla Beach and Costa Azul. San Jose del Cabo is also home to the peaceful San Jose Estuary and bird sanctuary. Affected by the 2014 hurricane, rebuilding efforts continue to be made and pathways around the estuary are currently being re-constructed. Outside of San Jose del Cabo’s Centro Historico lie two popular organic farms: El Tamarindo and Flora Farms. The SJD Los Cabos International Airport is an easy 9 miles away from downtown.



Visit San Jose del Cabo, Mexico, and revel in the beauty and romance of this charming town.