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ABOUT US – the Gallery

“Latin America” evokes culture, treasures, mixture, mystery… Movimiento Art is a gallery dedicated to promote the Latin American Contemporary Art, produced by established and emerging artists, living in or from Latin America.

This spacious and stylish gallery is embellished by the colors and forms from Peruvian, Colombian, Mexican, Central American and Argentinian artists.


Movimiento Art explores the artistic expression from la Patagonia in Argentina to Mexican towns, building at the same time a unified and vibrant voice that will transport you.

ABOUT US – the Residential Art Services

As private consultants. we work solely in the interest of our clients, and provide neutral and objective advice. Our focus is helping you acquire artwork that suit your objective and lifestyle.

  • We give on-site art consultation for decor, collecting, and investment. Presentations in the privacy of your home offer the least distractions and the best viewing to make the right decisions.
  • We work on a room or an entire facility. There is no small project for us.
  • We work using what you already have, furniture wall colors, and we choose options for you that will enhance the room.
  • We have art works available in all media (oil, acrylic, watercolor, mixed technique, etc).
  • We have available originals and commissions. We help you choose the best style and palette for you commissioned art.
  • We choose the most appropriate framing for your art piece and provide the service.
  • We take care of shipping and delivery. Installation services upon request.
  • From renovations to new builds, our consultations often include ideas for art, art placement, wall designs and new ways to rearrange what you already have.

ABOUT US – the Corporate Art Services

We offer solutions for the Hospitality, Corporate and Health care business. Many designers and consultants we work with have similar project issues. Their biggest challenge is finding the right imagery that fits the parameters of the project, while coming in on budget. We promise to make your job easier by working with you from concept to completion.

  • Independent art source in all media, styles, and price ranges, original and commissioned art works according to style and palette that works best for the pro¡ect.
  • Project planning and budget development.
  • Architectural plan review for optimum art placement
  • Collaboration with designers, architects. and general contractors
  • Access to emerging, mid-career and established artists.
  • Custom frame design, production. and security hanging systems.
  • Art handling including shipping. delivery. and installations.


  • To be recognized as the most complete platform for Latin American Contemporary fine arts in the world.
  • To find, support, exhibit, promote and sell art that reflect our commitment to quality and style.
  • To offer our customers a product that most suited to their needs.
  • To maintain a position of leadership in the art industry, and seek to be the number one resource for our clientele.