The Big Street

Every street has a story to tell.

La Calle Grande in San Jose del Cabo is no different. This historic street has a long past and a bright future. Everything that was important happened on this “Big Street.”

Together the street and the village grew, and one couldn’t be spoken of without mentioning the other. San Jose life was centered around this city section; and stories, with characters seemingly ripped from the pages of a novel, were born on La Calle Grande.

La Calle Grande was instrumental in the development of San Jose commerce and culture.

Here are just a few samples of how life evolved on The Big Street.

On November 20, 1848

The Mexican army defended San Jose against invading U.S. forces. Lt. Jose Antonio Mijares and his men attempted to steal a U.S. artillery piece and distract them from an assault on the walls. Lt. Mijares was severely injured during the attack and died the next day.

Mexicans believe this attack made a marked difference on the war and hail the Lieutenant as a hero. Today a statue stands of him on Boulevard Antonio Mijares.

The Golden Age

Many of the greatest stories occurred during the “golden age” of San Jose del Cabo.Thanks to the sugar cane and tomato crops and the rise of commercial fishing,1925 to 1945 was a period of great economic wealth for the region.

Secret Tunnels

At the north end of the street sat the home of Catholic priests. According to legend, there was a tunnel, or secret passage, between the priests’ home and the famous church of San Jose located in the center of town.

City Hall was the region’s election center.

During those days there were two contending political parties, El Huarache, or party of the poor, and El Botín, the party of the rich. People alive today who witnessed the competition tell a curious tale of the El Botín. It seems the number of supporters of the Party El Huarache outnumbered the Party El Botín, but the party of the rich almost always came out the winner. Rumors still persist today.

La Calle Grande was the birthplace of culture in this region. People drove The Big Street to reach any artistic, social or major sporting event during that time. There, the region’s first theaters sprang up, and showed movies from the Golden Age of National Cinema. It is also were Los Cabos’ first schools were located.

Today, La Calle Grande continues to be a pillar in the community.

The street passes the popular Plaza Mijares, offers stunning views of the historic mission and is home to many of San Jose’s popular restaurants, hotels and shops including:
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