Upcoming Events in San Jose

Fall is one of the best seasons to visit Los Cabos: the weather and events are just the beginning.

Upcoming Events in San Jose

Summertime isn’t Cabo’s busiest tourist season, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t plenty going on here on the tip of Baja’s peninsula.

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July 16: If you’re in town, listen up. The Festival of the Virgin Carmen is coming up quickly. Carmen is believed to be a protector of Mexico, and on the 16th of July the country celebrates her with parades, crafts and more. Don’t expect much in the way of large-scale events and don’t worry too much about the festivities affecting your routine, but it’s a good idea to know what’s going on! And, if you’re looking for a glimpse into the daily lives of Los Cabos residents, here is a great chance.

July 18: The Dorado Shootout is back! In its 11th year, this tournament brings together around 130 teams every year, each vying for the big payout. According to the Cabo Dorado Shootout website, “This year’s entry free is $500 per team and the winning team will walk away with a brand new, fully loaded 4×4 pickup truck. The tournament also offers optional side jackpots of $200, $300, $500 and $1,000. Last year’s jackpots reached over $80,000 in cash.”

July 24: To observe the Festival of St. James, head to downtown San Jose del Cabo. Credited for bringing Catholicism to Mexico, Cabo residents take part in parades, re-enact battles, and party in the streets of downtown. Be prepared for some business closures and difficulty driving downtown San Jose. Those parties and parades can make it hard to navigate the city’s narrow streets.